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Street Signs in Beijing August 20, 2006

Posted by NoWires in China, Technology, User interface, Wierd but true.

traffic-sign-1.jpgThis is one of the most famous logic-defying street signs in Beijing near the 2nd Ring Road that started to circulate on the Web a few months ago. Good luck finding your way to make a right turn. Numerous tales of drivers got lost or fined by the police for making a wrong move have filled BBS’s.

01.jpgThen I came aross this accompanying image on the left. Trace the yellow line to make a right turn. Avoid the red line – it’s a sure way to get booked by the cops. Clear now? Bloggers are surely a resourceful bunch, aren’t they?

I was rather intrigued and went on Flikr for more strange street signs. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Here, here, and here.

UI designers of the world, unite!