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Google + eBay: Click-to-Call’s Coming Out Party? August 30, 2006

Posted by NoWires in Local search, Technology, Web.

Recent announcement of partnership between eBay and Google for eBay’s international ad sales is not entirely surprising. After all both companies have formidable presence out side of the US. What is worth noting however, is the prominent mention of Skype and Click-to-Call got in this deal.

Unlike eBay’s earlier similar deal with Yahoo for the US market that doesn’t involve Skype, this deal with Google features Skype as the vehicle that would allow eBay users to call the merchants to complete the transaction. For the international market, especially eBay’s fast growing markets in Asia, this makes a lot of sense. Despite years of infrastructure build out, cost of telephone call is still considerably higher there than developed countries. Skype’s VOIP calls give users there a realistic cheap alternative. On top of that, Skype already have a huge user base in these emerging markets.

This is still early stage of Click-to-Call’s development. However, it appears that both eBay and Google are willing to bet its potential to open up lucrative stream of ad revenue down the road.

What does this move mean for existing Click-to-Call players in the field? Quite a few companies, such as Jambo, Miva, eStara, have been working for years on this concept with varying degree of success. This development is certainly a strong endorsement of the business model. However, given the enormous reach of both these companies, every in the field certainly can feel the pressure.



1. Dan - August 31, 2006

The speedy adoption of Skype is indeed impressive, but the number of Skype users worldwide still pales in comparison to the number of people that own phones and computers, so why limit this model to those that have downloaded special software?

Google and Ebay have brought tremendous attention to the space and we consider it a validation of what companies like Verizon Superpages.com have known for quite sometime…you can introduce voice to performance based advertising.

What Google and Ebay ultimately bring to the market remains to be seen but when their offering is ready, it should not be limited to their own clients.

In order to benefit both consumers and advertisers in this model, it’s important to offer the choice to connect over the PC, by entering in a phone number for an immediate callback, or by publishing a unique call tracking number with each ad to best demonstrate ROI to the advertiser.

Without all those options, you’re creating an unneeded barrier for the consumer and doing a disservice to the advertiser.

2. NoWires - September 1, 2006

Godd point. I think SkypeIn and SkypeOut are intended to address this.

3. facts interesting - December 20, 2007

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