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YouTube Saves the Day August 16, 2006

Posted by NoWires in Web, Wireless.

dscn2571.JPGAfter one false move at the security check at Dulles Airport last month, my Treo 650 flew off my belt clip and landed on the concrete floor. I have dropped other cell phones on the floor countless times without breaking any of them, but I guess the large screen size of the Treo seems to make it particularly vulnerable. Either way, I was staring at the picture on the left when I picked it up.

Now I love my Treo. Of all the “smart phones” I tried, nothing comes close to Treo to its usability. Save for an early reboot glitch that was fixed by a patch, my Treo has performed very well for me. Faced with a $300 price tag for new unit, I started to look for alternatives. A clerk at a neighbourhood phone shop offered to replace the screen for me for $150, parts+labor. That’s when I realized there are screen replacement parts I can get. I quickly found one for sale on eBay for $49. After getting the delivery all I need is to figure out how to put the new one in.

That’s where YouTube comes in.

I found a video clip showing exactly just that on YouTube. With 10 minutes my Treo is back in business, with a shiny new screen. Total cost: $49. Additional benefit? A new found appreciation for YouTube.



1. Ed - September 7, 2006

A good story! Thanks for sharing

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